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    MyrilMC - Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: "How do I connect to MyrilMC?"

    A: Assuming you have purchased a premium account from, you must enter the IP: “" into your multiplayer Minecraft server list. After that, you can enjoy the awesome adventures you will have on MyrilMC!

    Q: "How do I create a thread?"

    A: Once you are logged into the forums, you can click "New Topic" on the top right hand side of the subform you are currently in. From there, you can compose your own thread, and interact with our community!

    Q: "Where can I get to the rules?"

    A: You can find the rules for the forums here;

    Forum Rule Policy:

    You can find the rules for our server here;

    Server Rules:


    Q: "Where do I go to donate? What can I get from the shop?"

    A: Via donating, you can receive a wide range of specialty items and perks available in our store. You can get to our shop via, or by going to our home page.


    Once you are there, you can click on whatever server you are interested in purchasing a rank or perk on. You will be asked to fill in the correct credentials of the card you are using to purchase from. Please note, this will cost real life money, we do not give refunds. I suggest you speak to a parent or guardian before donating. I also advise you take a look at the terms and conditions, before purchasing from our buycraft page.

    Terms & Conditions:

    Q: "Can I transfer my rank to someone else?"

    A: No, currently we do not allow the transferring of ranks from player to player. If you want to purchase a rank for someone else, you are more than welcome to do so. Simply put their username in instead of your own when purchasing.

    Q: "I am having donation issues, where can I go for assistance?"

    A: If you are experiencing donation issues, please contact us via, and address the issues you are having. We will do our best to assist you in any way you can. Alternatively, you can post it on our forums in the "Help" section. You can view the format for posting it here. You should have a copy of your Paypal recite ready (should be in your email), if we need to see it.

    Q: "My rank has not gone through, what do I do?"

    A: In the scenario where your rank or perk has not gone through, its likely that it is just taking a longer time to process. If this happens, do not panic, we will be able to see if you've donated. If after 24 hours, you still haven't receive your rank or perk, please refer to the question above on how to contact our support team.


    Q: "Where do I go to to appeal my punishment?"

    A: Temp Ban & Other: If you have been temp banned, or punished in some other way, you can visit to view the our disciplinary guidance thread. This will tell you how to adress your appeal using our format.


    Q: "A player is breaking the rules, where do I report?"

    A: The first thing you should do is gather evidence, this will be needed when writing your report. You can use an image uploading source such as or, for easy image uploading. Once you have done this, simply login to the forums, and view, for guidance on how to write your report, and what counts as irrelevant and relevant topics. Please be sure to write your report within that category (the subforum).

    Q: "I saw someone hacking, are pictures okay?"

    A: No, typically we do not count pictures as sufficient evidence when dealing with hacking cases. We require video evidence of the user hacking in order to execute the fair punishment that follows. Its easy to crop out images, or fabricate the images in a way that supports your hacking claim. You can search the web for free web cams if you do not currently own one.

    Q: "Someone said they were hacking, should I report it?"

    A: No. Generally when someone says they are hacking, we do not count it as self-incrimination or "confessing." Its always likely that the person is joking, and given that context matters, we only allow video evidence of the happening. With our modern day technology, its always easy to fabricate evidence that is not real, and therefore we must take extra precautions. What you can do is keep an eye on the player and watch for any suspicious actions.

    Q: "I found an exploit and glitch, where do I go to report?"

    A: If you spotted an exploit or glitch, we ask that you report this immediately, before it has the ability to effect the server in any way. If you have found a glitch or exploit, you can visit for more information on how to correctly address your report. We ask that you do not spread the news of this until it has been fixed, and we also ask that you do not partake or take advantage of this exploit or bug for your own personal advantages.

    Q: "A staff member has abused, what should I do?"

    A: If a staff member has abused, you have a few options. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can write your report to one of the administrators directly via the forums, or through Skype. If you don't mind the staff member seeing you report, you can follow the typical reporting format. Please be sure to have valid and substantial proof that support your claim. You should note that fabricating proof, or falsely accusing or incriminating staff members with the intent to get them in trouble, is against our rules and can result in serious consequences.

    You can also contact the admins directly via e-mail:
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    Q: "I want to be a moderator, where am I to apply?"

    A: Moderator Applications are generally only open when we require new trialmods. You can roughly expect them to be open every 6 months, depending on the capacity, capability, and stability of our current team. In the instance where moderator applications are open, you can click on the "Moderator Application" category in the "Reports & Applications" section. Please be sure to read the sticked topics, and write your application directly within that subforum via "New Topic."

    Moderator Read Me Post:

    Tips on Applying:

    Q: "I want to be a builder, where am I to apply?"

    A: Unlike moderator applications, we allow build team applications to be open for an indefinite period of time, allowing any body with building capabilities a chance on our team. Under the "Reports & Applications" section, you can click on the "Build Team Applications" category. Click "New Topic" to begin writing your application after first reading our sticked topics.

    Build Team Read Me Post:

    Q: "My application has not been responded to by a staff member, am I denied?"

    A: No, unless we lock and move your application into the denied category, or have specifically replied to your application stating you've been denied, you are not denied. If your application has been left sitting there for awhile, there is no need to worry; we always are aware of incoming applications. We give our selves time to think before making irrational decisions by giving each application the proper amount of thought and discussion. In the case of build team applications, you may notice your application might go up to two weeks without a response. This is typically because of three things; we are currently busy, have decided to put it on hold, until we require a member, or are currently in the process of reviewing the application; in which may take awhile. I have expanded further on the answer to this question found


    Q: "I want to change my signature, where do I ago?"

    A: Click on "Profile" found at top right hand side of the forums. From there, click "Forum Profile," and scroll down until you see the option to change your signature. Please make sure your signature accommodates our forum policy.

    Q: "I want to add an avatar, where can I do that?"

    A: To add an avatar, click "Profile" found at top right hand side of the forums. From there, click "Forum Profile;" right at the top will be the option to use a provided avatar, or to upload one from your computer files.

    Q: "I want to message someone on the forums, where do I go?"

    A: To message someone on the forums, click "My Messages" located at the top right hand side of the forums. From there, click "New Message" found in the "Messages" section; you should then be able to compose your message. In this same location, you can check your Inbox, sent mail, received mail and even preferences regarding your messages.


    Q: "I have a suggestion for MyrilMC, where should I go?"

    A: If your wanting to suggest things for MyrilMC you can go to the "Suggestions" category found in the "MyrilMC General" section located near the bottom of the forums. From there, you will have the option of choosing one of our servers; please post your suggestion with the corresponding server. In here, you can suggest anything from game additions, changes, events, or anything you would like to see on our server. We will do our best to go through them; there might be a scenario where we decide to accept the suggestion, but don't reply to your thread. Please be aware that not all suggestions will be accepted, but we are more than welcome to here what you guys would like to see, as this server is for you to play on, not us.

    Q: "Is there a Teampseak server for AviatorCraft?"

    A: There sure is, you can get to our Teamspeak via the homepage, where you will be asked to install Teamspeak 3. Once you have that installed it, you will be able to direct connect to

    Q: "I didn't find my question in the FAQ, how can it get answered?"

    A: You can click on the "Help," section, and ask any question you are unsure about, that isn't already mentioned in our FAQ. We will do our best to respond as quick as possible. If its a question we start to get asked continually, we will be added to this thread. You can also direct message your question to someone on the forums, including a moderator, administrator, or to many of our community members that are always open to answering questions you might have.

    I hope this FAQ sheet will help you with some of your questions, if you have any!

    Best Regards,
    MyrilMC Staff Team
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    Taking Screenshots 101

    Before I go on, programs exist to take screenshots AND directly upload them to image sharing websites, here are a few programs which do just that:

    Imgur uploading tools
    ShareX (my personal favorite)

    (on windows vista and below)

    Press Printscreen
    The screen shot is taken, paste it into an image editor like paint and save it.

    (on windows 7 and above)
    Press the Start button
    Look for the snipping tool
    Select what you need to take a screenshot of.l
    Save it.


    Fullscreen Screenshot
    Press Command-Shift-3
    The screen shot is taken, and it is saved as a file on the Desktop.

    Selective ScreenshotOn keyboard press Command-Shift-4, then drag the cross-hair pointer to select the area to capture.
    Continue to press the mouse button, release the keys.
    When you are ready to take a screen shot, release the mouse button.
    The screen shot is taken and it is saved as a file on the Desktop.

    Go to an image sharing website and upload the screenshot you took, shown below:


    hooray it uploaded, look at that anime person now grab the image link, shown below:


    now, on your post, press the insert image button at the top
    now put the direct link in



    Another way to upload a screenshot is USE THE TOOLS I PROVIDED AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE JUST FOR YOU

    you are welcome
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