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    Hello all,
    I've changed up how the appeal system works meaning that you're now going to be appealing here on the forums instead of the Google document. The changes we've made are that you won't be able to view threads by anyone else but yours.

    Please copy the following and paste it in the new thread in the Appeals subsection:
    • What is your In-game name?
    • Why were you banned?
    • Was your ban fair?
    • What happened that resulted in your ban?
    • What changes have you made to yourself to improve yourself?
    • Why should we unban you from Myril?
    Please answer these questions as best as you can.

    Questions & Answers

    "When will you review my appeal?"

    Your appeal will be reviewed by one of our staff members anywhere between 24-48 hours. Do not ask staff members to review yours early or before another person.

    Creating another appeal while an existing one is open will result in both being denied. If your punishment is still ongoing 1 month after your last appeal, you may create another one.

    Best of Luck!
    MyrilMC Staff Team

    Admin Note

    Most staff members have agreed on how to review appeals pertaining to a particular punishment. However, please note that there might be times where some verdicts are concluded differently among staff members regarding the same punishment. Some appeals will require the discretion of the staff member reviewing it. Past offenses also play a huge role in the final verdict. If you feel that your appeal was reviewed unfairly, you may request an admin only review 2 weeks after your prior appeal is closed (these may take longer than 48 hours).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.